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Dick Spierenburg

Dick Spieren­burg, born in 1953 in Utrecht, Nether­lands, is a versa­tile designer known for his work in furni­ture, inte­ri­ors, and archi­tec­ture. He pursued his educa­tion in archi­tec­ture at the Delft Univer­sity of Tech­nol­ogy and studied archi­tec­ton­i­cal design at the Royal Academy in The Hague. Pure shapes, keen atten­tion to contrasts, thought­ful rela­tions, and metic­u­lous detail­ing char­ac­ter­ize Spieren­burg’s design approach. His work reflects a commit­ment to creat­ing aesthet­i­cally pleas­ing and functional designs.


Designs by Dick Spierenburg (1)