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Montis was estab­lished in 1974. Modern design with supe­rior seating comfort took prior­ity right from the start. The collec­tion is char­ac­ter­ized by the distinc­tive color combi­na­tions in various special leathers and mate­r­ial prop­er­ties, and the trade­mark design features with a personal, human char­ac­ter. Montis has always strongly believed in its ideas and tech­niques, even when these went against the grain of estab­lish­ment. The produc­tion method whereby the body of a chair or sofa was given its jacket” was rela­tively unknown. In this way, Montis set itself apart from other compa­nies within the sector. Montis still uses this method of uphol­stery on many of its models.

When Gerard van den Berg left the company in 1990, Gijs Papavoine became the new lead designer along with owner Paul van den Berg. His way of apply­ing shapes has been of a big signif­i­cance for the exclu­sive market posi­tion that Montis has now and also for its design features in general.

Since the early 90s, new design­ers have been brought aboard to design prod­ucts based on the same prin­ci­pals. Among these design­ers were Niels Bendt­sen, Arnold Mercx, Marie Chris­tine Dorner and Gert Baten­burg. Since 2004 Montis also has worked with design­ers like Dick Spieren­burg, Karel Boon­za­ai­jer, Studio Job, Alain Berteau and Demakersvan. 

Montis is contin­u­ously looking for new mate­ri­als and tech­niques that can be used for the design and devel­op­ment of surpris­ing and inno­v­a­tive models that satisfy the highest and latest quality require­ments and new contemporary needs.


Designs by Montis (12)