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Dror Benshetrit is the founder of the New York-based studio Dror. Since its launch in 2002, the studio has amassed an award-winning port­fo­lio encom­pass­ing product devel­op­ment, inte­ri­ors, instal­la­tions, and architectural design. 

In his works, one can trace the roots of his style, which emerged from the fusion of the tech­ni­cal knowl­edge he learned at the Design Academy of Eind­hoven and his love of art, which derives from his studies at the Center for Art Educa­tion in Tel Aviv. His fasci­na­tion with geom­e­try, physics, and poetry comes through in his works, pushing design beyond its func­tional appli­ca­tion to create extra­or­di­nary atmos­pheric expe­ri­ences. The studio’s aim, writ large, is to develop unique solu­tions that empha­size the trans­for­ma­tive power of design at various scales and to explore the inter­sec­tion between nature and tech­nol­ogy, organic and non-organic, and the needs of our contemporary lifestyle. 

Today, Dror collab­o­rates with impor­tant compa­nies such as Boffi, Levi’s, Cappellini, Surface Maga­zine, Swarovski, and Rosen­thal, the brand with which he won the iF Product Design Award in 2006


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