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Fredrick A. Kayser

Fredrik A. Kayser, a cele­brated furni­ture designer from the mid-twen­ti­eth century Scan­di­na­vian Design period, was born in Bergen, Norway, into a musical family. Growing up with a musical back­ground, he played the cello and the mandolin, finding inspi­ra­tion in the music world. His father, Trygve Kayser, ran a furni­ture agency, provid­ing Fredrik with early expo­sure to the indus­try and a valuable network.

Fredrik embarked on his carpen­try appren­tice­ship imme­di­ately after complet­ing middle school. At 15, he had already designed his first dining room, which began produc­tion at Viken Møbelfab­rikk. In 1945, the same year he earned his diploma from the Norwe­gian National Academy of Craft and Art Indus­try in Oslo, Fredrik Kayser commenced his career at Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor.

His furni­ture designs are char­ac­ter­ized by elegance, mate­r­ial sensi­tiv­ity, and a rare sense of propor­tions and compo­si­tion. One of his most renowned designs, Krysset,” features front and back legs connected by four wood nails, empha­siz­ing the construc­tion in a refined manner. While Kayser drew inspi­ra­tion from contem­po­rary trends, he always infused his creations with a unique, personal touch, marked by an elegance that turned them into instant classics.


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