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Fluffy Lounge Chair

c. 1954

by Fredrick A. Kayser
for Eikund

Fluffy Lounge Chair

by Fredrick A. Kayser
for  Eikund

or Call to Order

The Eikund Fluffy lounge chair, designed by Fredrik A. Kayser, is a unique piece char­ac­ter­ized by its ultra-soft Norwe­gian sheep­skin uphol­stery. The chair features sloping armrests that invite you into a welcom­ing embrace. Fredrik A. Kayser, who grad­u­ated from the National Academy of Craft and Art Indus­try in 1945, designed the lounge chair while working at Rastad & Relling Tegnekon­tor. The Fluffy Lounge Chair combines art and func­tion, offer­ing a float­ing cloud of fluffi­ness that brings a touch of the past into the present, creat­ing a brand-new species of chair suit­able for any space.


Fredrick A. Kayser

Fredrik A. Kayser, a celebrated furniture designer from the mid-twentieth century Scandinavian Design period, was born in Bergen, Norway, into a musical family. Growing up with a musical background, he played the cello and the mandolin, finding inspiration in the music world. His father, Trygve Kayser, ran a furniture agency, providing Fredrik with early exposure to the industry and a valuable network.

Fredrik embarked on his carpentry apprenticeship immediately after completing middle school. At 15, he had already designed his first dining room, which began production at Viken Møbelfabrikk. In 1945, the same year he earned his diploma from the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in Oslo, Fredrik Kayser commenced his career at Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor.

His furniture designs are characterized by elegance, material sensitivity, and a rare sense of proportions and composition. One of his most renowned designs, "Krysset," features front and back legs connected by four wood nails, emphasizing the construction in a refined manner. While Kayser drew inspiration from contemporary trends, he always infused his creations with a unique, personal touch, marked by an elegance that turned them into instant classics.

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