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Jorre Van Ast


Jorre van Ast was born in 1980. He studied Indus­trial Product Design at The Hague Univer­sity of Applied Sciences then spent two years working at the Flex indus­trial design studio in the Nether­lands before contin­u­ing his studies at the Royal College of Art in London, complet­ing the Design Prod­ucts course in 2006. Jorre van Ast began working as an inde­pen­dent product designer and shared a joint studio in North London, the OKAY studio. Jorre van Ast began working at Arco in 2007 where he led the design and devel­op­ment studio. The family-run company Arco has been headed by Jorre van Ast since 2011. He now has the task of preserv­ing the much-loved Arco style and is doing this in his own inim­itable way. Under his guid­ance the furni­ture collec­tion, which still includes many of the best-selling pieces designed in the past, is slowly but surely being expanded and acquir­ing an even more distinctive signature.


Designs by Jorre Van Ast (4)