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Shift Table

c. 2019

by Jorre Van Ast
for Arco

Shift Table

by Jorre Van Ast
for  Arco

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The Shift table designed by Jorre Van Ast for Arco is a slim mini­mal­ist table with a friendly natural design. The table’s core is a metal plate with a semi-massive wood layer glued on top. The semi-massive wood layer gives the table all the advan­tages of solid wood, yet scarce hard­wood is used spar­ingly. The wooden table­top rests on an aluminum frame and cast legs taper, giving the table an elegant look — avail­able fixed or with an extendable leaf.

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Arco Home and Work


Arco Home and Work


Jorre Van Ast

Netherlands (1980)

Jorre van Ast was born in 1980. He studied Industrial Product Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences then spent two years working at the Flex industrial design studio in the Netherlands before continuing his studies at the Royal College of Art in London, completing the Design Products course in 2006. Jorre van Ast began working as an independent product designer and shared a joint studio in North London, the OKAY studio. Jorre van Ast began working at Arco in 2007 where he led the design and development studio. The family-run company Arco has been headed by Jorre van Ast since 2011. He now has the task of preserving the much-loved Arco style and is doing this in his own inimitable way. Under his guidance the furniture collection, which still includes many of the best-selling pieces designed in the past, is slowly but surely being expanded and acquiring an even more distinctive signature.

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