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Ron Gilad


Born in Tel Aviv in 1972, Ron Gilad has commit­ted his body and mind to mate­ri­al­ize ideas and creat­ing design pieces of astrin­gent thought­ful­ness, wit, and elegance. His hybrid objects combine mate­r­ial wit with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat, deli­cious line between the abstract and the func­tional. Gilad is fasci­nated with philos­o­phiz­ing about the common objects we live with.

His work, which varies from sculp­tures to produc­tion pieces, has no expi­ra­tion date” and resides in both public and private collec­tions world­wide. Gilad asks unceas­ing ques­tions in 3D form and fabri­cates answers that create an arena for fertile doubt. A grad­u­ate of the Indus­trial Design Depart­ment, Gilad is fasci­nated with“deconstructing” the func­tion of an object has resulted in a broad body of work, ranging from furni­ture to jewelry to whole inte­ri­ors. Each of his designs exhibits his metic­u­lous atten­tion and focus, his poetic formal­ism, and his offer­ing of beau­ti­ful asceti­cism to a camp-obsessed world. 


Designs by Ron Gilad (1)