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Dead­line Mirror Collection

c. 2016

by Ron Gilad
for Cassina

Dead­line Mirror Collection

by Ron Gilad
for  Cassina

or Call to Order

The mirrors that make up the Dead­line collec­tion by Ron Gilad for Cassina are hybrid design objects, combin­ing premier engi­neer­ing and carpen­try skills of the highest order. Sixteen unique pieces, each set in its black or white ashwood frame, boast­ing a differ­ent texture and shape. 

Every piece is composed of two sheets of glass, 12mm apart. The front face is silvered, and the back is colored orange, blue, or red. These colors are reflected in the second mirror to create a subtle inter­play of graphic shapes. The frame comes apart for clean­ing. For quick-ship options, please see the spec sheet to the left or call 800.886.0867 for details.


Ron Gilad


Born in Tel Aviv in 1972, Ron Gilad has committed his body and mind to materialize ideas and creating design pieces of astringent thoughtfulness, wit, and elegance. His hybrid objects combine material wit with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat, delicious line between the abstract and the functional. Gilad is fascinated with philosophizing about the common objects we live with.

His work, which varies from sculptures to production pieces, has no “expiration date” and resides in both public and private collections worldwide. Gilad asks unceasing questions in 3D form and fabricates answers that create an arena for fertile doubt. A graduate of the Industrial Design Department, Gilad is fascinated with“deconstructing” the function of an object has resulted in a broad body of work, ranging from furniture to jewelry to whole interiors. Each of his designs exhibits his meticulous attention and focus, his poetic formalism, and his offering of beautiful asceticism to a camp-obsessed world.

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