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Sigurd Resell

Sigurd Resell, a promi­nent figure in Norwe­gian furni­ture design during the 1950s and 60s, stands out for his elegant and logi­cally constructed furni­ture pieces. His port­fo­lio includes designs that range from moder­ately tradi­tional to more modern, align­ing with inter­na­tional design language. Resel­l’s work earned him nine awards at various compe­ti­tions and exhi­bi­tions in Norway and abroad.

He grad­u­ated from the Norwe­gian National Academy of Craft and Art Indus­try in 1947. He began his career at Rastad & Relling Tegnekon­tor, where he made signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions to the furni­ture scene until 1968, with a brief hiatus from 1953 to 1956. Resel­l’s talent is exem­pli­fied by designs like the Øya dining table, an ellip­ti­cal-shaped table crafted in solid wood, show­cas­ing his inno­v­a­tive design approach many years ahead of his contemporaries.


Designs by Sigurd Resell (2)