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Oma Dining Table

c. 1957

by Sigurd Resell
for Eikund

Oma Dining Table

by Sigurd Resell
for  Eikund

or Call to Order

The Oma Dining Table, designed by Sigurd Resell for Eikund, is a versa­tile piece avail­able in both a static and an extend­able version. The extend­able version can hold up to two leaves without addi­tional support­ing legs. Resell designed the Oma table in the mid-1950s while working at Rastad & Relling Tegnekon­tor in Oslo. The design reflects Resel­l’s empha­sis on logical construc­tion, where form follows func­tion. The table­top, avail­able in solid wood or Fenix lami­nate, boasts a sharp and modern aesthetic, perfectly balanced with the softer, organic shape of the solid wood frame­work. The Oma Dining Table is a time­less and instantly classic addi­tion to the Eikund collection.


Sigurd Resell

Sigurd Resell, a prominent figure in Norwegian furniture design during the 1950s and 60s, stands out for his elegant and logically constructed furniture pieces. His portfolio includes designs that range from moderately traditional to more modern, aligning with international design language. Resell's work earned him nine awards at various competitions and exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

He graduated from the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in 1947. He began his career at Rastad & Relling Tegnekontor, where he made significant contributions to the furniture scene until 1968, with a brief hiatus from 1953 to 1956. Resell's talent is exemplified by designs like the Øya dining table, an elliptical-shaped table crafted in solid wood, showcasing his innovative design approach many years ahead of his contemporaries.

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