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Germany (1990)

Zeitraum, a German furni­ture brand, was founded in Wolfrat­shausen in 1990. The manu­fac­turer special­izes in solid wood furni­ture with an empha­sis on sustain­abil­ity and contem­po­rary design. Its focus is predom­i­nantly home furnish­ings made with local wood to ensure low trans­port emis­sions and strong rela­tion­ships with its suppli­ers, almost all of whom are located in the imme­di­ate vicin­ity of the company’s facility.

The brand’s prod­ucts are char­ac­ter­ized by their sleek, mini­mal­ist designs and atten­tion to detail. Chairs, tables, beds, and other collec­tions can be found in high-end resi­den­tial projects as well as commer­cial spaces such as hotels, restau­rants, and offices around the world. The collec­tion includes exten­sive bedroom lines, includ­ing the Simple Bed, Guest Bed, and Fusion Bed, as well as the best­selling Pelle Lounge, Friday Lounge, Morph Chair, and Bar Stool.

Based in the Alpine region in Germany, Zeitraum is dedi­cated to preserv­ing natural resources. One such way the brand does this is by making furni­ture that can be repaired, there­fore ensur­ing the longevity of the pieces over gener­a­tions and limit­ing waste. Another way is through its mate­r­ial prac­tices: The company only uses hard­woods that were sustain­ably forested and does not use chem­i­cal treat­ments on its woods. By letting the material’s natural qual­i­ties stand out, Zeitraum promotes an organic and non-disrup­tive process that sets a high stan­dard for the design indus­try. Context Gallery has been a trusted partner with Zeitraum for over 10 years.


Credit: Zeitraum

Designs by Zeitraum (5)