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Astro Wall Lamp

c. 2015

by Cristiana Giopato & Christopher Coombes
for Oluce

Astro Wall Lamp

by Cristiana Giopato & Christopher Coombes
for  Oluce

or Call to Order

The Astro wall lamp was designed in 2015 by Cris­tiana Giopato & Christo­pher Coombes for Oluce. The lamp has three trans­par­ent and sanded surfaces and the rest are opaque, this makes it look like a jewel. The metal part, which comes in black or white, and the trans­par­ent glass create a prism” effect on the light. The result­ing design creates geomet­ri­cal figures of light on the wall. 


Cristiana Giopato & Christopher Coombes

Italy & United Kingdom

Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes (she Italian and he British) first struck up a working relationship in 2004 with the “In Dust We Trust” project; an exhibition that they set up and directed. A few years later the duo founded an independent, multifaceted studio to find out how their two different cultures might be fused to form a unique interior design product or project. Since their very first projects for Fiam Italia and Guzzini, Cristiana and Christopher have continued to design products for all living spaces, having been called upon by companies such as Living Divani, Lema Mobili, Miniforms, Frag and Glass Idromassaggio. In 2006, they were selected by Patricia Urquiola for the Promosedia award.

Some of their products have won the prestigious Italian “Young & Design” award, featured in various exhibitions and published in print media and magazines worldwide.

In 2012, Cristiana completed a degree in Architecture and her studies have now led to the creation of a dedicated interior design and residential architecture department. This has allowed Cristiana and Christopher to create photo sets and exhibition stands for catalogues and fairs, while continuing to trust in the fusion of their disciplines. In 2013, they delivered their first private residential commission.

They firmly believe that a well-made product should deliver satisfaction throughout its entire life cycle. Because all of this is unpredictable and highly complex, Christiana and Christopher’s work is a continuous journey in which they seek to learn and gain experience through their mission to perfectly combine the focal points of everyday design.

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