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Converse Dining Table

c. 2007

for Linteloo

Converse Dining Table

for  Linteloo

or Call to Order

The Converse Dining Table from Linteloo is a creation by the revered designer Faas van Dijk. The very essence of Converse encap­su­lates its name – the art of engag­ing in thought­ful conver­sa­tions. Faas van Dijk sincerely appre­ci­ated the moments spent around a table, where discus­sions flowed as freely as the wine and delectable dishes.

The asym­met­ri­cal table­top and grace­fully taper­ing base exem­pli­fies a sublime blend of artistry and func­tion­al­ity. When graced by company, the table trans­forms into a hub of dialogue and shared expe­ri­ences, invok­ing a sense of belonging.


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