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In 1994, Jan te Lintelo, driven by his passion for design and furni­ture, embarked on a journey that would rede­fine luxury living. Joined later by his life partner, Lars Niko­la­jsen, they founded the LINTELOO collec­tion, placing comfort and luxury at its core.

Their commit­ment to unre­stricted creativ­ity led them to collab­o­rate with top national and inter­na­tional design­ers and the world’s finest manu­fac­tur­ers. The result? Time­less designs that epit­o­mize effortless comfort.

Today, after over 25 excit­ing years, LINTELOO contin­ues to expand its brand and collec­tion with unwa­ver­ing love and dedi­ca­tion. Jan now focuses on product devel­op­ment and remains the brand’s most esteemed ambassador.

The tran­si­tion of daily oper­a­tions to Niels Roks marks a new chapter for LINTELOO. Niels, with a success­ful history in furni­ture, inte­rior, and product design, shares a profound curios­ity about how people live and a zest for life’s plea­sures. This natural align­ment led him to follow in Jan and Lars’s footsteps.

Niels upholds the brand’s quality and heritage, expand­ing the LINTELOO collec­tion with designs from both new and estab­lished design­ers, taking the company to new heights. At LINTELOO, we remain dedi­cated to enrich­ing our customers’ lives with the joy of good living for years to come.


Designs by Linteloo (53)