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Cordoba Lounge Chair

c. 2022

by Fosters + Partners Industrial Design Studio
for B&B Italia

Cordoba Lounge Chair

by Fosters + Partners Industrial Design Studio
for  B&B Italia

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The Cordoba lounge chair, designed by Foster+Partners for B&B Italia, epit­o­mizes luxu­ri­ous crafts­man­ship and envi­ron­men­tal respon­si­bil­ity. The oak wood frame of this armchair beau­ti­fully blends Nordic preci­sion with an orien­tal spirit, creat­ing a fusion of the finest quality mate­ri­als that are second to none. The atten­tion to detail is evident in every curve and section of the design, with a focus on reduc­ing excess weight while maxi­miz­ing tech­ni­cal func­tion­al­ity and comfort.

The thick leather used in the back and seat of Cordoba is a testa­ment to the exquis­ite mate­ri­als used in this piece. It provides an opulent look and feel with options for either smooth or embossed leather. Plus, with easy removal and main­te­nance of the leather compo­nents, Cordoba demon­strates its commit­ment to respon­si­ble design by allow­ing all mate­ri­als to be easily sepa­rated when neces­sary. Perfect for any space, this armchair is the ulti­mate expres­sion of design, preci­sion, and quality.


Fosters + Partners Industrial Design Studio

Fosters + Partners Industrial Design Studio, founded by Norman Foster in 1967, is a global studio for architecture, urbanism, and design rooted in sustainability. Foster and the team around him have established an international practice with a worldwide reputation, working as an ethnically and culturally diverse studio. The partners, who are all shareholders, are the core of the practice. They are central to our continuing evolution and are responsible for all projects shared amongst our six architectural studios. This makes the studio capable of tackling many projects, particularly those of complexity and scale.

The industrial design team, established in 1980, has developed a wide range of products from door handles to wind turbines and fountain pens to the cabin of an executive jet, from a tap to the fit-out of an ocean yacht. Besides products for particular projects, the studio also works directly with clients on product commissions or with companies to develop new products for commercial manufacture.

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