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Hunter Lounge Chair

c. 1960

by Torbjørn Afdal
for Eikund

Hunter Lounge Chair

by Torbjørn Afdal
for  Eikund

or Call to Order

The Hunter Lounge Chair, designed by Torb­jørn Afdal for Eikund, is a classic example of a hunting chair.” The design features saddle leather stretched around a wooden frame with adjustable belts, show­cas­ing the simplic­ity and elegance of the form. Popular in the 1950s-60s, hunting chairs have become modern-day clas­sics, and Afdal’s Hunter Lounge Chair is no excep­tion. The chair’s mini­mal­is­tic aesthetic, fluid and organic form, and atten­tion to detail, such as double-layered leather and solid cast brass buckles, contribute to its endur­ing crafts­man­ship. The Hunter lounge chair is a time­less piece designed to last for generations.


Torbjørn Afdal

Torbjørn Afdal, a highly gifted and prolific furniture designer for Eikund, had a distinguished career after graduating from the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in 1946. He dedicated much of his professional life to the renowned Bruksbo Tegnekontor, a leading design office for quality furniture that significantly contributed to Norway's furniture industry for three decades.

Afdal's international recognition as a highly-skilled designer is underscored by the gold medal awarded to him for his lounge chair Broadway at the Deutsche Handwerksmesse in Munich in 1959. His design prowess reached influential figures, with notable clients including First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Japanese Emperor Hirohito. He also designed the office for Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland.

His work is characterized by a refined understanding of materials and form, blending art and tradition. Afdal demonstrated a talent for harnessing the natural possibilities of wood in his designs. From 1955 to 1965, Afdal's furniture design evolved with a more crafted feel, highlighted by iconic pieces such as the armchair Broadway and the hunting chair Hunter. Many of his creations stand as true classics, deserving of revival.

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