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Jörg Schellmann


Born in 1944, Jörg Schell­mann is a German furni­ture designer and the owner of an art publish­ing company. Inspired to make art afford­able to all, Schell­mann opened his first gallery in Munich in 1969; creat­ing a place that featured prints of many great artists, includ­ing Christo, Jenny Holzer, Cindy Sherman, and Andy Warhol. As the owner and publisher of Schell­mann Art, he focused on elevat­ing the noto­ri­ety of furni­ture and design­ers. In 2008, he devel­oped his own furni­ture design company, where he featured both the work of other design­ers as well as his own pieces. His design work is most influ­enced by indus­trial and commer­cial objects, often expos­ing the construc­tion elements and embracing simplicity. 


Designs by Jörg Schellmann (3)