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In Between SK 18/19 Dining Table

c. 2014

by Sami Kallio
for &Tradition

In Between SK 18/19 Dining Table

by Sami Kallio
for  &Tradition

or Call to Order

The In Between SK18/SK19 Dining Table, designed by Sami Kallio for &Tradition, is an exquis­ite addi­tion to the wider In Between collec­tion. It now features a luxu­ri­ous marble top. This elegant dining table offers a choice between two stun­ning marble options: Nero Marquina or Bianco Carrara, avail­able in black or white, respec­tively. This allows you to create a sleek state­ment piece that comple­ments your interior design.

The table’s rounded base adds elegance, provid­ing a stable foun­da­tion while enhanc­ing its visual appeal. The base can be finished in matte black or bronzed metal, allow­ing for further customiza­tion to suit your aesthetic preferences.

With its combi­na­tion of luxu­ri­ous marble and refined design details, this In Between Dining Table embod­ies sophis­ti­ca­tion and time­less elegance. Whether used as a focal point in a dining room or as a state­ment piece in a contem­po­rary living space, this table adds a touch of luxury and style to any interior setting.


Sami Kallio


Sami Kallio was born in Finland and raised in Sweden, where he honed his skills in traditional woodworking craftsmanship, such as compression molding and woodturning. An award-winning designer with a studio based in Gothenburg, Kallio designs furniture and interiors translating classical shapes into contemporary expressions with an industrial aesthetic which resonate with a modern-minded audience. Man and machine both play a role in many of Kallio’s creations. Merging modern methods of industrial manufacturing with handcrafted techniques. The result is a refreshing balance between the past and the present.

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