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Infinito Book­case

c. 1956/2008

by Franco Albini
for Cassina

Infinito Book­case

by Franco Albini
for  Cassina

or Call to Order

Linear, elegant, and visu­ally light… like all of Franco Albini’s designs, each compo­nent of the designer’s Infinito shelv­ing book­case storage system becomes an aspect within a larger compo­si­tion that visu­ally explores equi­lib­rium. With a mere five compo­nents – shelves in two depths, cabi­nets in two heights, a single tensioned strut – Albini has provided the tools” with which to design a plethora of storage systems.

The struts are adjustable in height and are tensioned between ceiling and floor with disc pads. Each strut section features Albini’s char­ac­ter­is­tic taper­ing – the visual aspects of each strut becom­ing thinner as the tension­ing compo­nents are revealed near the ceiling and floor. Each Infinito shelv­ing strut is verti­cally bifur­cated creat­ing a slit that allows light and space to pass through the form – each side of the strut has a series of holes through which shelves and cabi­nets can be affixed at varying heights. Shelves are avail­able in two depths – each features exquis­ite detail­ing that includes a shallow perime­ter wall; the sides of which are artic­u­lated as a cant at the shelf’s open front. Cabi­nets are also avail­able in two heights – the shorter has a closed face expanse that func­tions as a drop-down door; the taller has a face divided into two doors that open outward from the center. The verti­cal slits and perfo­ra­tions along with the inher­ent hori­zon­tal open­ings around shelves and cabi­nets, ensure a profound levity to any result­ing Infinito shelv­ing compo­si­tion. While the shelv­ing can certainly be placed near a wall, it was designed to be free­stand­ing making it also ideal as a room or space divider.

While Cassina makes all of the Infinito shelv­ing compo­nents avail­able sepa­rately to allow the system to be person­ally customized, the manu­fac­turer also offers several popular single, double, and triple config­u­ra­tions – each includes a number of shelves of varying depths and cabi­nets of varying heights. The system is avail­able in three finishes – ash wood in natural or black-stained as well as American walnut.


Franco Albini

Italy (1905–1977)

Born in Milan in 1905, Franco Albini's work spans across furniture design, product design, architecture, urban planning and interior design. His work was an integration of modern design and Italian craftsmanship. Through his product and furniture design, Albini celebrated the raw form of materials and transparent construction. Albini would forgo ornament and encasement of furniture, to allow the structure to be revealed. In 1939, he debuted a radio fully encased in glass to expose the inner workings. His most well-known work is the Albini Desk in 1949 for Knoll, which is still in production today. As a designer, he has collaborated with Gio Ponti, Franca Helg, as well as Helg and Bob Noorda.

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