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by Arne Tjomsland
for Eikund


by Arne Tjomsland
for  Eikund

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The Isbjørn figure, designed by Arne Tjom­s­land for Eikund, is a phys­i­cal pictogram beau­ti­fully captur­ing the polar bear’s essence. Created in 1955, it received a gold medal two years later at the Deutsche Handw­erksmesse in Munich. Arne Tjom­s­land drew inspi­ra­tion from his child­hood read­ings of polar liter­a­ture and the time spent with his father, Prepara­tor Michael Tjom­s­land, at the Zoolog­i­cal Museum in Oslo. The Isbjørn figure is a testa­ment to Tjom­s­land’s ability to distill the spirit of the polar bear into a capti­vat­ing and award-winning design.


Arne Tjomsland

Arne Tjomsland, a self-taught designer, was a prominent figure in Norway during the 1950s and 1960s, mainly known for his expertise in creating small-scale figures. Initially working in advertising and toy design, he gained recognition for shaping animals from the Nordic fauna, Inuits, and Vikings using materials like wood and whalebone. His first figure, a polar bear made from teak, marked the beginning of his distinctive creations.

Initially crafting all figures himself, Tjomsland's work gained popularity, leading furniture manufacturer Hiorth & Østlyngen to take over some of the production. His inspiration stemmed from childhood experiences reading Polar literature and spending time with his father at the Zoological Museum in Oslo. Tjomsland's artistic style featured simplified organic shapes and soft yet well-defined lines.

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