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Kelly Wall Lamp

c. 2011

by Studio 63
for Oluce

Kelly Wall Lamp

by Studio 63
for  Oluce

or Call to Order

The Kelly wall lamp, designed by Studio 63 for Oluce, is an elegant and mini­mal­ist design. The lamp has a rectan­gu­lar metal shape, made from curved laser-cut metal, which directs the light both upwards and down­wards. This design creates diffused non-inva­sive light. Kelly is avail­able in a chrome-plated or white finish and with a LED or tradi­tional light source.


Studio 63


Studio 63 Architecture + Design is based in the historical center of Florence Italy. The combination of Piero Angelo Orecchioni and Massimo Dei led to the foundation of Studio 63 in 1998. By 2003, Studio 63 found its way to their New York City office, by 2005 its office in Hong Kong and by 2008 its office in Shanghai and an operative partnership in Dubai.

The creative team is composed of gifted professionals, coming from various disciplines, working together in a challenging multi-cultural exchange.

Studio 63 is operating in more than 25 countries around the world, managing to the last detail projects from concept development through design and planning towards their complete achievement. Specialties are retail design and hotelier.

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