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Astep, founded by Alessan­dro Sarfatti, is a design company that seam­lessly inte­grates the rich heritage, knowl­edge, and forward-oriented perspec­tive culti­vated in the Sarfatti family for three gener­a­tions with the latest advance­ments in digital tech­nolo­gies. The name Astep” symbol­izes the perpet­ual motion inher­ent in an endless journey — the journey of evolu­tion. It signi­fies a natural yet essen­tial progres­sion toward creat­ing some­thing better, more substan­tial, and more mean­ing­ful. Astep embod­ies a deep appre­ci­a­tion for time­less inven­tions, objects that, regard­less of their era of creation, main­tain a cutting edge and the ability to impact our lives, shaping the way we live.

Astep is dedi­cated to craft­ing new prod­ucts for the home, infus­ing digital tech­nolo­gies with a more profound signif­i­cance in our domes­tic lives. In a homage to the evolu­tion of design, Astep also revis­its and re-edits iconic objects — time­less creations by lumi­nar­ies such as Gino Sarfatti and Vitto­ri­ano Viganò. These works, born from the same opti­mistic and forward-think­ing atti­tude that inspires Astep today, show­case a commit­ment to honor­ing the legacy of design while inno­vat­ing for the future.


Designs by Astep (21)