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Le Monde de Charlotte Perriand

c. 2021

by Charlotte Perriand
for Cassina , Richard Ginori 1735

Le Monde de Char­lotte Perriand: a new table­ware collec­tion inspired by her passion for nature 

Cassina contin­ues its collab­o­ra­tion with Ginori 1735 and presents the finest porce­lain dinner set inspired by the photog­ra­phy of Char­lotte Perriand. Hand deco­rated and char­ac­ter­ized by patterns that combine the colors blue and white, this strik­ing set of plates is the perfect proposal to embell­ish any dinner table. 

The Le Monde de Char­lotte Perriand collec­tion includes a place holder plate, a dinner plate, a bowl, and a side/​dessert plate, presented in a set of two, with three differ­ent deco­ra­tions that can be mixed and matched. Each piece is marked with the Cassina and Ginori 1735 logos. 

A pioneer of moder­nity, archi­tect, urban planner, designer, and photog­ra­pher Char­lotte Perriand was commit­ted to defin­ing an entirely new art de vivre that would break with the tradi­tional codes of her era. In the late 1930s, photog­ra­phy took on a funda­men­tal role in devel­op­ing her creative process and became an impor­tant inspi­ra­tion for her furniture designs. 

Thanks to the close collab­o­ra­tion with Pernette Perriand-Barsac, Char­lotte Perriand’s daugh­ter and founder of the archives, four differ­ent graphic motifs present in photographs taken between 1933 and 1934 have been iden­ti­fied for the Le Monde de Char­lotte Perriand collection. 

A great observer, Char­lotte was fasci­nated by nature: she collected many objects found during her travels, such as stones, roots, pieces of wood, and fish bones, and she observed their shape, mate­ri­als, and geome­tries and used them as elements of inspi­ra­tion for her designs.

Each hand-painted design in the Le Monde de Char­lotte Perriand collec­tion is an object of poetry and testi­monies, a concep­tual adven­ture ready to ignite the imag­i­na­tion. However unrec­og­niz­able at first glance, the elements of nature photographed by Char­lotte Perriand awaken a series of asso­ci­a­tions that are recalled during one’s culinary experience. 

The contours of a patch of snow in the crevices of a stone floor, photographed in the forest of Fontainebleau near Paris in 1934, evoke mytho­log­i­cal animals, gorgons, or carni­val figures. The circu­lar bands of a tree trunk conjure up the hallu­ci­na­tory face of a lemur or the sensual mouth of an Indian goddess, and a fish­bone on a black back­ground reminds us of a work tool whose use is unknown.

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Charlotte Perriand

France (1903–1999)

In her eight-decade career, Charlotte Perriand contributed to countless design projects that allowed her to experiment with material. She explored working with tubular steel furniture, natural pieces in ebonized wood, bamboo furniture in Japan, and more. Paying close attention to the functionality of the furniture and the arrangement of the interior environment, Perriand designed pieces that were meant to be comfortably used and enjoyed in a space, as evidenced in her famed 1959 daybed or curved-back LC7 chair. Her revolutionary user-centric approach helped establish her as a seminal figure in the modernist design movement whose legacy endures to this day.

Not long after graduating from Ecole de L'Union Centrale de Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Perriand impressed critics with “Bar Under the Roof,” an installation featuring an aluminum and chrome bar counter and card table presented at the Salon d’Automne in 1927. The showcase established her as an avant-garde talent to watch and wowed a personal icon of hers, Le Corbusier—who invited her to join his studio and work on furniture designs with him and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. The trio went on to craft some of the most enduring modern furniture pieces of the 20th century, such as the widely collected LC4 chaise longue, today produced by Cassina.

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