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March Carpet

by Muller Van Severen
for Kvadrat

March Carpet

by Muller Van Severen
for  Kvadrat

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The March rug, designed by Muller Van Severen for Kvadrat, draws inspi­ra­tion from the natural fleece of a sheep, partic­u­larly the long, curly, and irreg­u­lar fleece just before shear­ing. This design approach imbues March with a visu­ally and tactile organic aesthetic.

The March rug utilizes an inno­v­a­tive patent-pending produc­tion process, finish­ing using water, heat, natural soap, and mechan­i­cal fric­tion. This process allows the pile yarns to be felt and connected, elim­i­nat­ing the need for the latex backing typi­cally found in tufted rugs. By avoid­ing addi­tional chem­i­cals in the backing, the carpet may be more easily recy­clable at the end of its life, contribut­ing to sustainability efforts.

The final result is a rug with a random and vivid pile thick­ness, with textures shift­ing organ­i­cally from one area to another. Each rug in the March collec­tion is unique, show­cas­ing its distinct pattern and char­ac­ter. Even the corners of the rectan­gu­lar rugs feature a slightly organic look, further enhanc­ing the natural expres­sion of the design.


Muller Van Severen


Belgian duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen began working together in 2011. As artists, Muller being a photographer and Van Severen being a sculptor, they are best known for their simple geometric lines and appreciation of materials. Their distinct minimalism has birthed a furniture collection under their combined name, Muller Van Severen, that speaks to art and the function of design.

With materials as the starting point, Muller Van Severen has a fondness for mediums like polyethylene and brass-- both that are used frequently in their works, including the sculpturally interesting four piece Cutting and Serving Boards.

The couple have been on a quest to characterize their works by careful research into their shared passion for art, architecture and materials. At the same time, Muller Van Severen’s designs appear to be created almost intuitively and with total effortlessness.

After winning awards and collaborating with prestigious museums and galleries worldwide, including a group show at the Galerie Kreo in 2014, Muller Van Severen continues to explore the boundaries between art and design in a contemporary and innovative way. All of Muller Van Severen’s own production pieces are handmade with an honesty to the rawness and irregularity of the chosen material.

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