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Otto Outdoor Light

c. 2019

by Federica Farina
for Oluce

Otto Outdoor Light

by Federica Farina
for  Oluce

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Otto outdoor light, created by Feder­ica Farina for Oluce, is a path-light with a soft, charm­ing shape. The slim disc of the base supports a cylin­dri­cal stem on which an adjustable semi-sphere houses the LED light rests. Thanks to a mech­a­nism allow­ing it to incline, the head can direct the strip of light in varying sizes, allow­ing for a variety of uses.


Federica Farina


Federica Farina obtained her high school diploma in Languages in 2015 and graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome in 2018 with a degree in Product Design. Attending international schools has brought her closer to what modern society is today. She brings thoughts to life by observing reality and breaking down different views of reality to create her products.

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