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Profil Shelf

c. 2012

by Jörg Schellmann
for e15

Profil Shelf

by Jörg Schellmann
for  e15

or Call to Order

Evoking asso­ci­a­tions with minimal art, the Profil wall-mounted shelf, designed by Jörg Schell­mann for e15, carries a distinct sculp­tural appeal. This simple yet visu­ally impact­ful shelf features a recti­lin­ear, L‑angled shape composed of a single piece of extruded aluminum that easily mounts to the wall.

Avail­able in two lengths, with the larger version being precisely 50% longer than the smaller, the Profil shelf affords remark­able symme­try and preci­sion when used as a multi­ple. It is also avail­able in the same sizes with closed sides, further provid­ing users the oppor­tu­nity to create an array of aesthetic and functional options.

Schell­man­n’s Profil shelf is a testa­ment to mini­mal­ist design, offer­ing both simplic­ity and a visu­ally strik­ing pres­ence for your interior décor.


Jörg Schellmann


Born in 1944, Jörg Schellmann is a German furniture designer and the owner of an art publishing company. Inspired to make art affordable to all, Schellmann opened his first gallery in Munich in 1969; creating a place that featured prints of many great artists, including Christo, Jenny Holzer, Cindy Sherman, and Andy Warhol. As the owner and publisher of Schellmann Art, he focused on elevating the notoriety of furniture and designers. In 2008, he developed his own furniture design company, where he featured both the work of other designers as well as his own pieces. His design work is most influenced by industrial and commercial objects, often exposing the construction elements and embracing simplicity.

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