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Sahco Baru Fabric

for Sahco

Sahco Baru Fabric

for  Sahco

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Baru, metic­u­lously crafted by Sahco, is an ultra-soft woven woolen bouclé that evokes the sensa­tion of shorn fleece, offer­ing a comfort­ing volume due to the elas­tic­ity of the wool fiber and the unique finish­ing processes employed. Yarn dyed with one color in the warp and another in the weft, Baru possesses the advan­tages of a woolen textile with an excep­tion­ally soft feel. The texture of the bouclé, coupled with a subtle shine from the acrylic blend, creates a playful effect as the color captures and reflects light.

Minimal contrasts in the yarns result in vibrant hues such as midnight, forest green, maroon, and dark choco­late, while a darker base adds depth to the overall palette. Softer shades, includ­ing snow, light gray, ash, camel, vanilla, and moss green, exhibit a mélange effect due to the contrast­ing base. Baru is a luxu­ri­ous and visu­ally engag­ing fabric, offer­ing a harmo­nious blend of texture, color, and soft­ness for various inte­rior design applications.


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