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Sahco Satora Fabric

for Sahco

Sahco Satora Fabric

for  Sahco

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The Satora drapery by Sahco offers a contem­po­rary twist on the classic leopard motif, blend­ing urban sophis­ti­ca­tion with time­less elegance. This down­town-meets-uptown design features a unique pattern that emerges from random mark­ings in the jacquard, creat­ing a modern inter­pre­ta­tion of camou­flage for the city.

With its Italian prove­nance and versa­tile nature, Satora can be used for both curtains and uphol­stery, allow­ing for seam­less coor­di­na­tion through­out interior spaces. 

Satora adds a touch of contem­po­rary flair and refined luxury to any setting. Its bold yet versa­tile design makes it a state­ment piece that effort­lessly elevates the ambiance of both resi­den­tial and commer­cial spaces, reflect­ing a modern sensi­bil­ity with a nod to timeless style.


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