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SB Cinquan­totto

c. 1958/2019

by Santi Borachia
for Astep

SB Cinquan­totto

by Santi Borachia
for  Astep

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The SB Cinquan­totto suspen­sion light, a creation by Carlo Santi and Vitto­rio Borachia for Astep, is offered in two sizes. The orig­i­nal, boast­ing a command­ing 12.6″ diam­e­ter, makes a bold state­ment in any space and is an ideal accom­pa­ni­ment to dining tables. Mean­while, the smaller version, featur­ing an 7.9″ diam­e­ter, offers a slightly more under­stated expres­sion and volume yet retains the same time­less qual­i­ties. This rein­tro­duc­tion show­cases a remark­able suspen­sion light crafted from hand-blown opal glass, merging aesthetic sophis­ti­ca­tion with functional brilliance.


Santi Borachia

Carlo Santi and Vittorio Borachia, the dynamic architectural duo known as Santi Borachia, first crossed paths as students at the Polytechnic School in Milan during the 1940s. Their shared passion for architecture and design became the foundation of a lasting partnership. One of their significant collaborations was with the renowned lighting company Arteluce. This entity attracted the most talented architects and designers of the time, owing to the visionary and experimental approach of its founder, Gino Sarfatti.

As their careers progressed, Carlo Santi and Vittorio Borachia extended their interests into urban planning. However, the allure of lighting and furniture design continued to beckon, prompting periodic collaborations, both as a duo and under their names. Guided by the logical and formal principles inherent in the latest industrial techniques and materials, they consistently aimed for an essential elegance in their designs, whether working with plastic, wood, or glass. Their legacy reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining a timeless and refined aesthetic.

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