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Steen Planter

for Indigenus Planters

Steen Planter

for  Indigenus Planters

or Call to Order

Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen of SAOTA crafted the Steen planters for Indi­genus, influ­enced by the capti­vat­ing geog­ra­phy of Cape Town and the region’s rich tapestry.

Derived from the Afrikaans language, spoken in South Africa, steen” trans­lates to rock” or stone.” The Steen planters draw inspi­ra­tion from this cultural refer­ence, echoing the low, sculp­tural shapes that resem­ble natural stone formations. 

Just as the rock forma­tions anchor the land, the Steen planters ground and enhance the beauty of the flora they hold. Their low-profile design allows them to merge with the surround­ings, creat­ing a harmo­nious synergy between the natural and the crafted. Expe­ri­ence the capti­vat­ing allure of these planters as they bring the essence of Cape Town’s geology and botan­i­cal trea­sures into your own space.



SAOTA is a leading architectural firm driven by a dynamic team of Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen alongside Philip Olmesdahl, Phillippe Fouché, Mark Bullivant, Roxanne Kaye, and Logen Gordon. Their shared vision sets them apart, and their innovative and dedicated approach to design, documentation, and project execution has made them a highly sought-after brand worldwide.

With projects spanning six continents, SAOTA has established a global presence and a deep understanding of design's role in diverse markets. Their design philosophy emphasizes the connection between function and form, pursuing authentic architectural design to create solutions that deliver maximum value. This philosophy has earned them invitations to prestigious projects around the globe.

SAOTA's success stems from a spirit of inquiry that permeates its staff, guiding the firm and solidifying its position as a definitive designer in a competitive and rapidly evolving industry. Exposure to the global marketplace fuels their inspiration, evident in their approach to design, which radiates infinite creativity.

The firm strongly emphasizes utilizing cutting-edge computer technology in its design process, employing tools like Revit and developing virtual reality tools to understand and effectively communicate designs to clients. This commitment to innovation keeps SAOTA at the forefront of architectural practice.

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