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Joeny Veldhuyzen van Zanten

Orig­i­nally an art histo­rian, Joeny Veld­huyzen van Zanten changed careers, moved to Florence to train as a sculp­tor, and, in 2011, grad­u­ated in ceram­ics from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amster­dam. She later estab­lished herself as an independent designer. 

In every­thing we do or make, there almost inevitably comes a point where we begin to take things for granted, becom­ing blind” to alter­na­tives. Joeny analyzes the fact that we do what we do the way we do it because we have become accus­tomed to what seems famil­iar. Instead, it is in these blind spots that the designer tries to find solu­tions and other ways of approach­ing both form and function. 


Designs by Joeny Veldhuyzen van Zanten (2)