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Cubo Floor Lamp

c. 2018

by Joeny Veldhuyzen van Zanten
for Linteloo

Cubo Floor Lamp

by Joeny Veldhuyzen van Zanten
for  Linteloo

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The Linteloo Cubo Floor Lamp, an exquis­ite creation by Joeny Veld­huyzen van Zanten, stands as a testa­ment to time­less design. Crafted in 2018, this floor lamp is a strik­ing state­ment piece that effort­lessly commands atten­tion. Each Cubo Floor Lamp possesses its own unique char­ac­ter, shaped by the mesmer­iz­ing swirls, bubbles, and arti­sanal imper­fec­tions that are the hall­mark of mouth-blown glass craftsmanship.

The Cubo Floor Lamp is more than just a source of illu­mi­na­tion; it’s a work of art that illu­mi­nates both your space and your aesthetic sensi­bil­i­ties. Its warm, ambient light creates an invit­ing atmos­phere, making it as capti­vat­ing when switched on as it is when it’s not in use.

Adapt­able to various envi­ron­ments, the Cubo Floor Lamp offers a choice of sizes, allow­ing you to select the one that comple­ments your inte­rior vision. Whether you opt for the small, medium, or large version, this lamp brings a touch of arti­sanal elegance to any setting.

Expe­ri­ence the Cubo Floor Lamp, where the marriage of design and crafts­man­ship results in a light­ing master­piece that tran­scends time and trends, adding a touch of refined sophis­ti­ca­tion to your living spaces.


Joeny Veldhuyzen van Zanten

Originally an art historian, Joeny Veldhuyzen van Zanten changed careers, moved to Florence to train as a sculptor, and, in 2011, graduated in ceramics from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She later established herself as an independent designer.

In everything we do or make, there almost inevitably comes a point where we begin to take things for granted, becoming "blind" to alternatives. Joeny analyzes the fact that we do what we do the way we do it because we have become accustomed to what seems familiar. Instead, it is in these blind spots that the designer tries to find solutions and other ways of approaching both form and function.

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