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Marcel Wolterinck

When Marcel Wolter­inck opened his flower shop in Laren, the Nether­lands, in 1986, little did he know he would soon be one of the promi­nent repre­sen­ta­tives of modern Dutch design. His floral creations, with their imme­di­ately recog­niz­able Wolter­inck signa­ture,’ evolved into inte­rior design projects worldwide.

It will come as no surprise that Marcel loves using wood and other natural mate­ri­als, cele­brat­ing their unique vari­a­tions in texture and color. His designs are sophis­ti­cated yet utterly live­able, empha­siz­ing a sense of warmth and comfort.

Marcel loves the inter­play between indoor and outdoor spaces: I enjoy design in which the outside and inside grow together and towards each other, over­lap­ping and connecting.’


Designs by Marcel Wolterinck (3)