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Pavia Armchair

c. 2011

by Marcel Wolterinck
for Linteloo

Pavia Armchair

by Marcel Wolterinck
for  Linteloo

or Call to Order

The Pavia chair by Marcel Wolter­inck for Linteloo, inspired by the historic city of Pavia in Italian Lombardy, encap­su­lates the essence of old-world elegance within a contemporary framework.

Marcel Wolterinck’s design may be contem­po­rary, the same time­less values of elegance, quality and luxury still apply to his Pavia dining chair. Never mind the fact that it is so comfort­able, that it is perfect for the Italian dolce far niente’ — the sweet art of doing nothing. Its comfort invites you to linger, savor­ing every moment in an atmos­phere that cele­brates the art of relaxation.


Marcel Wolterinck

When Marcel Wolterinck opened his flower shop in Laren, the Netherlands, in 1986, little did he know he would soon be one of the prominent representatives of modern Dutch design. His floral creations, with their immediately recognizable ‘Wolterinck signature,’ evolved into interior design projects worldwide.

It will come as no surprise that Marcel loves using wood and other natural materials, celebrating their unique variations in texture and color. His designs are sophisticated yet utterly liveable, emphasizing a sense of warmth and comfort.

Marcel loves the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces: ‘I enjoy design in which the outside and inside grow together and towards each other, overlapping and connecting.’

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