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Alima Trolley

c. 2022

by Note Design Studio
for &Tradition

Alima Trolley

by Note Design Studio
for  &Tradition

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The &Tradition Alima Trolley, designed by Note Design Studio, draws inspi­ra­tion from the creative chaos’ concept asso­ci­ated with working from home. Delving into needing a storage unit to orga­nize their maga­zines, draw­ings, and object collec­tions, Note Design Studio crafted a sleek trolley. The distinc­tive V‑shaped design inte­grated into its surface facil­i­tates stacked books’ easy storage and display. Versa­tile and elegant, the Alima Trolley can seam­lessly comple­ment any space, provid­ing a stylish solu­tion for display­ing and orga­niz­ing various items.


Note Design Studio

Founded in 2008 by Johannes Carlström and Cristiano Pigazzini, Note Design Studio has become a dynamic force in the design world. Based in Stockholm, the studio is renowned for its collaborative ethos and versatile portfolio, encompassing architecture, interiors, furniture, and beyond.

Note Design Studio draws inspiration from Scandinavia's rich legacy of craftsmanship, weaving contemporary narratives that celebrate local natural resources and traditional techniques. The studio's creative process involves various talents, ranging from graphic and product designers to architects. This interdisciplinary collaboration ensures a fusion of ideas and constantly infusion of the unexpected into their designs.

One of Note Design Studio's distinguishing features is its deliberate avoidance of a singular visual identity, embracing a multidisciplinary approach that allows for diverse creations. While visual styles may vary, functionality remains a central tenet in every project. The studio's commitment to function is deeply embedded, guiding the exploration of each piece's expressions, proportions, and materials. Through this approach, every design is envisioned in various settings, serving diverse needs and enriched by subtle details that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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