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Eva Table Lamp

c. 2017

by Francesca Borelli
for Oluce

The Eva table lamp from Oluce draws inspi­ra­tion from the inter­ac­tion between light, shape, and move­ment as differ­ent amounts of LED light pass through the circu­lar diffuser. The lamp’s body is a ball contain­ing the LED light source; it is open on one side and stands on a slim cylin­dri­cal base. As this circu­lar diffuser moves towards the inte­rior or exte­rior of the ball, it allows varying degrees of light to pass through and high­lights the deli­cate gold-leaf interior. 

Eva is avail­able in black with gold interior.


Francesca Borelli


Francesca Borelli was born in Rome and earned her undergraduate degree in Product Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Rome.

Borelli became interested in design as a young girl when she would accompany her mother to her architectural studio, discovering a sense of tranquility and creativity and awakening her passion. She played with rulers, set squares, and colors, and above all spent most of the time staring at an enormous poster that showed chairs of every kind, drawing her own crooked and impossible versions.

For as much as she can define herself in the field of design, what Francesca Borelli has thus far discovered is that she has a propensity for furniture design that is both emotional and conceptual.

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