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Kelim Untitled_​AB12 Carpet

by Alain Biltereyst
for Kvadrat

Kelim Untitled_​AB12 Carpet

by Alain Biltereyst
for  Kvadrat

or Call to Order

Untitled_​AB12, by designer Alain Biltereyst for Kvadrat, is a capti­vat­ing explo­ration of form, line, and geom­e­try. This rug delves into the inter­play between posi­tive and nega­tive space, invit­ing viewers to ponder the dynamic rela­tion­ship between format, color, and spatial perception.

The design of Untitled_​AB12 is char­ac­ter­ized by its simplic­ity and clarity, yet it exudes a sense of intrigue and depth. The inter­lock­ing forms create a capti­vat­ing visual rhythm, drawing the eye across the rug’s surface and encour­ag­ing contem­pla­tion of its geometric composition.

Avail­able in two distinct color­ways — Grass Green and Celes­tia — Untitled_​AB12 offers versa­til­ity and visual impact to suit a range of inte­rior aesthet­ics. Whether used as a focal point in a mini­mal­ist space or as a comple­men­tary element in a more eclec­tic setting, this rug effort­lessly bridges the gap between contem­po­rary sophis­ti­ca­tion and timeless elegance.


Alain Biltereyst

Alain Biltereyst's abstract artworks reflect his ongoing fascination with the visual elements of urban landscapes. Inspired by the vibrant functionality of commercial signage, including typography, logos, and advertising graphics, his works offer a purely visual and material experience devoid of narrative constraints. Often created on small, object-like panels, Biltereyst's pieces exhibit meticulous attention to layering, surface texture, and specific colors and shapes, often presented as a series that builds upon each other.

Based in Brussels, Biltereyst highlights the inherent beauty of everyday designs, such as manhole covers, fence patterns, or airplane logos. Working primarily on thick panels, he emphasizes layering, repetition, and the recurrence of specific motifs in color and shape. By isolating and reimagining elements from advertising and design, Biltereyst creates diminutive artworks that straddle the line between precious objects and fragments of design history. The carefully chosen scale and painterly surfaces draw viewers into a crafted homage to the world of advertising and design surrounding us.

Through his tile-like panels and more significant works, Biltereyst celebrates the convergence of historical abstraction with everyday aesthetics, treating his source material with reverence and transforming it into cherished discoveries within his artistic practice.

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