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Model 537

c. 1950/2019

by Gino Sarfatti
for Astep

Model 537

by Gino Sarfatti
for  Astep

or Call to Order

The Model 537, designed by Gino Sarfatti for Astep, has refined simplic­ity and distin­guishes itself through the harmo­nious blend of opulent mate­ri­als and inven­tive, playful design. The gener­ously sized aluminum reflec­tor, avail­able in black or white, is artfully mounted asym­met­ri­cally on a lacquered or brushed brass stem, intri­cately twisted to achieve a capti­vat­ing balance before grace­fully resting on an exquis­ite marble base. The design’s inge­nu­ity is further high­lighted by the stem extend­ing through the reflec­tor, assum­ing a dual role as a whim­si­cal feature and a prac­ti­cal handle. Whether adorn­ing a home office desk or gracing the living room, bedroom, or any space seeking diffused light within an extra­or­di­nary design, Model 537 capti­vates with its unique combi­na­tion of sump­tu­ous mate­ri­als and playful aesthetics.


Gino Sarfatti

Italy (1912–1985)

Gino Sarfatti's contributions to the field of lighting design were immense and enduring. His ability to merge engineering expertise with innovative design concepts set a standard for the industry. Despite starting his career with a background in aeronautical engineering, Sarfatti's encounter with lighting sparked a lifelong passion that led to the creation of over 700 luminaires.

Establishing Arteluce in 1939, Sarfatti transformed the landscape of lighting design, bringing forward-thinking ideas and groundbreaking designs to the forefront. His exploration of new materials, technologies, and production methods ensured that his creations were not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient.

Sarfatti's entrepreneurial spirit and multidisciplinary approach allowed him to stay ahead of the curve, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining what was possible in lighting design. His legacy lives on through the continued influence of his work and the acquisition of Arteluce by Flos, ensuring that his designs remain accessible to generations of admirers.

Retiring to Lake Como in 1973, Sarfatti left behind a rich legacy of innovation and creativity. His impact on the world of design continues to be felt, cementing his status as one of the most significant figures in the history of Italian industrial design. Gino Sarfatti's vision and ingenuity have left an indelible mark on the world of design, inspiring countless designers and illuminating spaces with his timeless creations.

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