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Shuffle Table

c. 2010

by Mia Hamborg
for &Tradition

Shuffle Table

by Mia Hamborg
for  &Tradition

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Designer Mia Hamborg presents the &Tradition Shuffle table, giving new life to the old Nordic craft tradi­tion of turning wood. Images of classic wooden toys are conjured up, by using muted pastels such as lilac, powder blue, yellow, black and white. The playful form of the table is accen­tu­ated in an all-black version that makes an espe­cially striking silhouette.

All elements are crafted from milled and polished marble, lacquered MDF and solid wood. Take creative liberty when rear­rang­ing its form and height by stack­ing the various shapes of each element on the central pole again, and again.

No matter where the end user chooses to place Shuffle table, in their home, office or shop, it’s sure to spark joy.


Mia Hamborg


Mia Hamborg hails from Norway, where her education in advertising and graphic design led to interior design consultancy contracts on the side. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in furniture design with an emphasis on wood, Hamborg fuses functionality with humor in her endearing designs. With the “Shuffle” table she revitalizes the Nordic craft of turning wood. Dating back to the Viking Age, it involves a foot-powered pole lathe to rotate the wood, using a sharp tool to shape it. Hamborg fuses humor with function in her endearing designs. For her “Shuffle” table, she revitalizes the Nordic craft of turning wood. Dating back to the Viking Age, a foot powered pole lathe was used to rotate the wood, allowing the use of a tool to shape it.

"I want people to feel a sense of joy when they see my designs," says Hamborg, "To walk into a room and suddenly smile."

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