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Sir Vito Small Table

c. 2021

by Studio Kairos
for B&B Italia

Sir Vito Small Table

by Studio Kairos
for  B&B Italia

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The Sir Vito table for B&B Italia epit­o­mizes modern luxury and versa­til­ity. This small multi-purpose table is perfect for discern­ing indi­vid­u­als who appre­ci­ate func­tion­al­ity and aesthet­ics. Its rounded shapes and vari­able height testify to its outstand­ing design, while the small extractable tray adds extra sophistication.

Crafted with the great­est atten­tion to detail, the surface of Sir Vito’s top gently flexes into the front of the tray, creat­ing a natu­rally fluid form that is sure to impress. The asym­met­ri­cal four-spoke die-cast aluminum base is not only a work of art in itself but also guar­an­tees the unifor­mity of the curve, which is revealed by revolv­ing on itself.

Sir Vito also boasts a conve­nient piston mech­a­nism regu­lated by a ring nut, allow­ing you to choose the perfect height for your needs effort­lessly. This small detail expands the func­tions and uses of Sir Vito, making it suit­able for any room.

The Sir Vito table series has three stun­ning versions, each with a unique charm. The first features a top and tray in ebony-stained frisé maple, with a struc­ture in a bronzed nickel finish. The second version boasts a single-color painted top, tray, and frame in differ­ent satin shades, creat­ing a chic and elegant look. The third version combines the vigor of the satin colors with the time­less elegance of the bronzed nickel struc­ture, a perfect fusion of contem­po­rary and classic.


Studio Kairos


Kairos in classical Greek translates into an expression meaning: the right place, the right time, the right fit. The concept of kairos in Ancient Greece was defined as way of working or designing and Studio Kairos was founded in 1980 based upon applying this concept of kairos within the fields of architecture and industrial design. The firm is composed of its principals Joseph Manete and Abramo Mion. Manete was born in Mestre, Italy in 1947 and graduated in 1972 with a degree in architecture; Mion was born in Mirano, Italy in 1951 and attended both engineering in Padua as well architecture in Venice.

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