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Philippe Allaeys


Born in Belgium, Philippe Allaeys is an archi­tect, furni­ture designer, and creative direc­tor. He spent the first years of his career as a free­lance archi­tect, design­ing resi­den­tial, corpo­rate, retail, and hospi­tal­ity projects. Allaeys estab­lished the ZO Group in the 1980s, a creative company that focused on furni­ture design. By 1992, he estab­lished APHA Furni­ture, where he is now the creative direc­tor. Allaeys focuses his designs on the inher­ent prop­er­ties of the mate­r­ial and minimal designs. Much of his furni­ture work is in wood, and he devel­oped various pieces for e15, includ­ing the ISAAC folding tables, the NOAH bed, the THEO tray, and two side tables: ALEX and LEILA.


Designs by Philippe Allaeys (3)