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Alba Book­case

c. 2018

by Bernhardt & Vella
for Arflex

Alba Book­case

by Bernhardt & Vella
for  Arflex

or Call to Order

The Alba Book­case, designed for Arflex, is a book­case for exhibit­ing and contain­ing. The glass colored shelves create round compo­si­tions in addi­tion to the func­tion of hanging the books.‎ The frame is avail­able in metal and shelves in colored glass.‎


Bernhardt & Vella

Germany & Italy

Ellen Bernhardt and Paola Vella both moved to Milan in 2001, where they met at a design studio. From there they began their collaboration based on affinity and a common vision of design, developed during their individual international working experiences. Design is understood as an individual interface, which can tell in a simple and clear way the project and at the same time convey emotion and poetry. Since 2008 they collaborate with important furniture companies, developing products and acting as artistic directors.

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