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Alter Dining Table

c. 2022

by Anthony Guerrée
for Linteloo

Alter Dining Table

by Anthony Guerrée
for  Linteloo

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The Alter Dining Table from Linteloo is a master­piece by the renowned designer Anthony Guerrée. The Alter table effort­lessly embod­ies under­stated elegance and refined crafts­man­ship. Upon initial obser­va­tion, the design capti­vates with its appar­ent simplic­ity. However, upon closer inspec­tion, one discov­ers a world of intri­cate details that elevate this table into a realm of sophistication.

Crafted with metic­u­lous preci­sion, the oak veneer adorns the table­top in an intri­cate criss-cross pattern, a testa­ment to the metic­u­lous artistry involved in its creation. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Alter Dining Table boasts a distinc­tive overall shape that transcends convention. 


Anthony Guerrée

Anthony Guerrée was educated at the École Boulle in Paris, where young talents are schooled in the fine and applied arts, and craftsmanship plays a central role. Fascinated by the interior designers of the ‘30s, Anthony joined Studio Andrée Putman in 2010, where he worked with the best ‘makers’ in the world in shaping world-class interiors.

In 2015, Anthony went to work for designer Christophe Delcourt, assisting him in designing his Delcourt Collection furniture and contributing to Christophe’s collaborations with brands such as Minotti, Collection Particulière, and CC-Tapis.

In 2020, Anthony Guerrée ventured out independently and developed a unique signature. His first furniture collection was inspired by Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu. Each of the sculptural chairs embodies the character of one of the protagonists. These pieces tell a story because each of Anthony’s designs is more than simply functional. His designs are the tangible, flawless results of the dynamics between tradition and innovation.

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