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Cylinda Table Lamp

c. 2017

by Angeletti & Ruzza
for Oluce

Cylinda table lamp, designed for Oluce, is formed from two cylin­ders of differ­ent dimen­sions. The first cylin­der, slimmer and taller, becomes the base support­ing the second unit, a large, slender disc that forms the shade, with an LED light source shining beneath it. Cylinda captures the atten­tion with its robust and poetic pres­ence, main­tain­ing a mini­mal­ist sophis­ti­ca­tion with its clean outlines and use of geomet­ric shapes. Cylinda is avail­able in anthracite or anthracite with a brushed gold disc.


Angeletti & Ruzza


Silvana Angeletti was born in Rieti in 1969, and Daniele Ruzza was born in Rome in 1967. After receiving their degrees in Industrial Design from I.S.I.A. in Rome, they opened their design studio, Angeletti Ruzza Design. By 2010, Angeletti and Ruzza are professors for Industrial Design at the IED Roma and Università Ascoli Piceno.

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