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Fenc-e-Nature Sofa

c. 2020

by Philippe Starck
for Cassina

Fenc-e-Nature Sofa

by Philippe Starck
for  Cassina

or Call to Order

Designed by Philippe Starck with Cassina, the Fenc‑e Nature is the contin­u­a­tion of a journey to trans­form the way we think about the classic sofa, using cutting-edge and eco-friendly mate­ri­als of the highest quality. The seat of this two- or three-seat outdoor sofa is made of organic shapes and tactile mate­ri­als that honor harmony with Nature, like the solid teak armrest with sand-blasted finish for a raw-wood effect. Produced in 2020.


Philippe Starck


Philippe Starck has a mission and a vision: creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible. Starck believes this highly poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent, pragmatic and subversive duty must be borne by all and he resumes it with the humor that has accompanied his approach since the earliest days. Despite his thousands of projects - completed or in the making - he remains committed to never forgetting the essential.

Starck possesses an anticipatory concern for environmental implications. His profound comprehension of contemporary mutations, his enthusiasm for imagining new lifestyles, his determination to change the world, his devotion to a positive reduction, his love of ideas, his desire to defend the intelligence of usefulness - and the usefulness of intelligence - have accompanied one iconic creation after the other. His technological miracles are vectors of democratic ecology, focused on action and a respect for the future of both humans and nature. Predicting the phenomena of convergence and dematerialization, Philippe Starck has always devised objects that demand the most from the least.

Philippe Starck is all of the above, but above all, he is a man of honesty, in the purest tradition of the Renaissance artists.

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