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Little Petra Sofa

c. 1938

by Viggo Boesen
for &Tradition

Based on Viggo Boesen’s orig­i­nal draw­ings from the 1930s, Little Petra Sofa promises the same excep­tional crafts­man­ship as the lounge chair – but with even more space for you to sink in. From the hand-stitched uphol­stery to the wooden frame built by hand, Little Petra is made from premium mate­ri­als. Its legs are avail­able in oak or walnut.

Viggo Boesen

Denmark (1907–1985)

Viggo Boesen’s work as an architect contributed to Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930s. In particular, his work reflects what became known as funkis style, or functionalism. In contrast to mass-produced materials and the less-is-more approach from the Bauhaus school of thought, Boesen brought a soft, warm and almost naive aspect to design, ushering in new forms of upholstered furniture.

Few of Boesen’s original designs were ever produced, yet the organic shapes and expressive design lingo that informed his work, as seen in the Little Petra lounge chair for &Tradition, were precursors to Denmark’s subsequent stance on modernism in the decades that followed.

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