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Petra Lounge Chair

c. 1938/2024

by Viggo Boesen
for &Tradition

Petra Lounge Chair

by Viggo Boesen
for  &Tradition

or Call to Order

The Petra Lounge Chair, designed by Viggo Boesen for &Tradition, is a time­less piece inspired by an orig­i­nal design dating back to 1938. With its high-set, winged back­rest and empha­sis on comfort, the Petra Lounge Chair exudes elegance and sophistication.

Drawing from the success of the Little Petra chair, named after Boesen’s mother-in-law, known for her vibrant person­al­ity, the Petra Lounge Chair embod­ies a sense of warmth and embrace in its design. Boesen’s inten­tion was to create a piece that not only offers comfort but also pays homage to Petra’s larger-than-life character.

Despite being based on a design from the past, the Petra Lounge Chair carries a contem­po­rary aesthetic, making it suit­able for modern inte­ri­ors. Its bold char­ac­ter and invit­ing form make it a stand­out piece that adds style and comfort to any space.


Viggo Boesen

Denmark (1907–1985)

Viggo Boesen’s work as an architect contributed to Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930s. In particular, his work reflects what became known as funkis style, or functionalism. In contrast to mass-produced materials and the less-is-more approach from the Bauhaus school of thought, Boesen brought a soft, warm and almost naive aspect to design, ushering in new forms of upholstered furniture.

Few of Boesen’s original designs were ever produced, yet the organic shapes and expressive design lingo that informed his work, as seen in the Little Petra lounge chair for &Tradition, were precursors to Denmark’s subsequent stance on modernism in the decades that followed.

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