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Otis Sofa

c. 2020

by Johan van Hengel
for Montis

Otis Sofa

by Johan van Hengel
for  Montis

or Call to Order

For the Otis Sofa, Johan van Hengel aimed to create slender, effi­cient shapes, and he came up with a clever solu­tion. The narrow, folded armrests provide optimal ease of use. A slight kink in the armrest lends the sofa char­ac­ter and superb comfort, often lacking in smaller frames. Otis is a customiz­able design, easily adjusted to specific size and style pref­er­ences. A wide range of options allows for great freedom of choice.

Offered in modular compo­nents, the Otis can be combined into a modest single-seat unit and forms a two‑, three‑, four‑, or ample five-seater. Addi­tional options include an XL-version with a deeper seat or a build­able corner sofa. Seat cush­ions are avail­able in firm, medium, soft and extra soft, and several have either two or three seat cush­ions. Thanks to its elegant profile and wide range of sizes and styles, the Otis will fulfill every seating desire.


Johan van Hengel

Johan van Hengel was trained as an industrial designer in The Hague. During his years at Feiz Design Studio, he developed an interest in furniture, lighting, and accessory design. Tor, a convenient side table he designed for Montis (a collaboration with Ralf Lamble), earned him a Talent Award. Various Dutch and Scandinavian design companies have commissioned his designs. Van Hengel has an eye for distinctive details that elevate everyday consumer objects and furniture pieces.

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