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Pablo Lounge Chair

c. 2019

by Vincent Van Duysen
for B&B Italia

Pablo Lounge Chair

by Vincent Van Duysen
for  B&B Italia

or Call to Order

The Pablo Lounge Chair, crafted by Vincent Van Duysen for B&B Italia, epit­o­mizes design research and beauty. Every aspect of this design has been metic­u­lously cali­brated down to the millime­ter, result­ing in a seating element that effort­lessly blends the qual­i­ties of a lounge chair and a chaise lounge.

The exquis­ite combi­na­tion of a double-thick layer of luxu­ri­ous leather and solid wood elevates the humble mate­ri­als to a new level of sophis­ti­ca­tion and refine­ment. The barely visible seat padding adds a touch of comfort and support, while the suspended struc­ture grace­fully envelops the body, offer­ing both ergonomic excel­lence and a sense of enveloping security.

The propor­tions of the Pablo Lounge Chair are a testa­ment to Van Duysen’s mastery, ensur­ing a harmo­nious balance between form and func­tion. Its unique design tran­scends conven­tional seating, creat­ing an exquis­ite hybrid that seam­lessly combines comfort, firm­ness, and aesthetic allure.


Source: B&B Italia

Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen is a master of simplicity. His architecture and interior projects reveal his emphasis on form, material, light, and landscape. Whether constructed of wood, brick, or concrete, his structures stimulate quiet moments of reflection and beauty, framing the user as they walk up a staircase, offering an unexpected view of the surrounding terrain, or collecting light as it comes and goes. There is vitality in every detail, even if the overall impression of his work is minimalist and stark.

The Belgian talent, who worked at Ettore Sottsass’s studio in the late 1980’s before starting his own studio in Antwerp, approaches his industrial design work in a similar way. Every piece Van Duysen creates, whether the modular Surface table for B&B Italia or the Ratio kitchen for Dada, is an extension of the interior where it will live. The designs are therefore always functional and user-friendly. They also carry the same emphasis on natural materials and simple shapes without unnecessary adornment that defines Van Duysen’s architecture.

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